November 23, 2023

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Chocolate – Food of the Gods


Chocolate has a history of sweetness and violence. The Mayans, the initially kinds to discover the cacao plant, are credited with perfecting this concoction in its earliest sort. Even dedicating a god to Cacao.

The ever-conquering Aztecs also conquered the Mayans. They speedily figured out to appreciate the flavor and the health and fitness added benefits linked with this dark beverage.

‘The divine consume, which builds up resistance and fights tiredness. A cup of this important drink (cocoa) permits a gentleman to stroll for a full working day devoid of food.’
Montezuma – Aztec Emperor (c. 1480-1520)

Both equally the Mayans and the Aztec acknowledged the cocoa plant and beans as becoming very precious even utilizing it as a usually means of funds exchange. The Spaniards observing the benefit the Aztecs positioned upon the cacao plant became incredibly fascinated in the plant also.

It did just take time for the Spaniards to get a liking for the dark drink that they noticed “much more a drink for pigs than a drink for humanity.”

In no time the Spaniards began shipping the beans back to Spain. And there commenced the fashionable historical past of Chocolate.

At first the only Europeans capable to pay for this new beverage was the aristocracy. They did not eat it in the exact same procedures as the Aztec but chosen to drink it incredibly hot and sweet.

They ended up also the initial to start off to include other spices from the new earth.

At the time they identified that by including sugar the flavor improved, the love for this new consume spread promptly.

This also meant they desired to make much more. They commenced experimenting with distinct cocoa vegetation. At last they identified one, which whilst inferior in high quality and style, could make a substantially much larger quantity.

They observed that by introducing a number of further teaspoons of sugar that most Europeans could not see a change in high-quality.

In the Americas the slave trade facilitated the expansion properly and the trade grew fast.

When slaves had been outlawed in the Americas the crops ended up introduced to Africa to be grown.

Historic dates

1828- “Dutching” or building cocoa into a powder to combine with water, was invented by Dutchman Coenraad Van Houten

1850’s- Strong Chocolate – Made by a well-known English chocolatear Joseph Fry. By mixing sugar, cocoa powder and cocoa butter you could develop a paste that when it cooled grew to become a good.

1879- In Switzerland it was found out that by introducing powdered milk to chocolate it became more cost-effective and milder. Abruptly persons from all financial reaches could find the money for the heavenly compound.

Overall health benefits

The Mayan and Aztec always regarded the wellbeing benefits of chocolate. Interestingly plenty of it really is seriously only been in recent a long time that everyone has began any really serious examine of the cocoa plant.

What makes it healthy?

Even though cocoa is a powerhouse of vitamins from A-Z (Anandamide-Zink) What it is recognized the most for is it really is level of anti-oxidants, surprisingly more than enough even the poorest quality has some stage of anti-oxidants

What are Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the compounds that enable to avert disorders like the growing old, arthritis, strokes, cancers, coronary heart disorder and other people. These compounds are uncovered in excellent abundance in fresh fruits and veggies.

These compounds are what give fruit and veggies their colour. In fact the darker the shade and the a lot more bitter the flavor the increased the degree of anti-oxidants.

Making the dim brown and bitter flavor of chocolate in its natural variety quite large in anti-oxidants.

I am certain you have heard of some of the much more popular antioxidants these as nutritional vitamins C and E. Scientists are continue to trying to establish a lot of of the other kinds and how they have an effect on our bodies.

Why do we want Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are our “Anti-Rust” components.

Much in the same way an apple or banana will flip shade once it can be exposed to the air, we do the same point.

As a new baby we begin to choose in oxygen and as we do so our system starts to “rust” or relatively split down.
When we take in food items abundant in anti-oxidants we shield our entire body considerably in the similar way that pouring lemon juice, a normal antioxidant, about fruit, stops it from turning brown.

Cost-free Radicals

It’s these totally free radicals that you are shielding your physique from. Free of charge radicals are molecules “gone wild”. They are both lacking an electron or have an additional electron. They come to be scavengers likely in look for of any other molecule that they can “steal” from. They are hunting to neutralize by themselves.

This generates a dangerous chain reaction. As just one totally free radical attaches to a nutritious mobile, that mobile then turns into a free of charge radical and starts to scavenger them selves.

If this approach goes unchecked then these mutating cells can build health conditions. Just to title a couple of the much more frequent “no cost radical” health conditions — memory reduction, getting older, immune technique issues or even cancer.

Neutralization of No cost Radicals-

The objective for our human body then really should be to neutralize the totally free radicals, and this is what anti-oxidants do.

They do this by utilizing just one of their carbon atoms, with it is strong bonds. As they are sitting there when a absolutely free radical comes along they are able to latch on to the totally free radical. They are then equipped to carry the cost-free radical with them out of the system.

This is why it is so significant to have a regular source of higher antioxidant meals to assist get rid of free radicals from our bodies.

Chocolate, for me individually, is the most scrumptious way to retain absolutely free radicals in look at.


There are quite a few versions of chocolate. Down below are a couple of of the most widespread kinds and employs.

Cacao vs. Cocoa

Cacao is the marketplace phrase utilised for the tree and fruit. Once the pod is opened the fermenting system begins and the name modifications to cocoa, these kinds of as cocoa butter
cocoa bean etcetera.

Cacao pods – This is the soccer shaped fruit that the cacao tree makes. It can be about 5-12 inches extended and 3-5 inches large. Within just just about every of these pods you’ll discover about 30-40 seeds. It will take about 20 seeds to make a single pound of cocoa.

Cocoa Beans – The fruit of the cacao tree, uncovered within the cacao pods.

Nibs- After the cocoa beans are eradicated they are left to ferment. This allows to develop the deep flavor and aroma and also will help lessen the bitterness.

After the fermentation system has taken place the beans are laid out to dry. Once dried the outer shell of the bean is eradicated. They use a crushing tool to do this which numerous situations crush the seeds into what they simply call “nibs”. Nibs are practically nothing a lot more than crushed items of cocoa beans.

One particular of the simplest and healthiest things I really like to do is to include nibs to smoothies, on fresh new fruit, in puddings or sprinkled on prime of a soufflé. This just adds to the by now rich deep chocolate taste and improves the dietary price of any foods.


The two issues that will destroy chocolate are moisture and excessive warmth. As very long as you have that essential awareness there seriously is not something to stop you from employing it.

It will grain and thicken with too much heat, so be very careful if you are employing a microwave. With humidity even a extremely modest amount of money will maximize its viscosity, producing it unacceptable for dipping.

Generally keep in odorless, dark, neat spots.


Home Melting
A double boiler is the best way to melt chocolate. Do not let steam to be coming up from the base of the boiler, considering that this could possibly destroy it.

If it results in being unworkable just insert ½ T of oil and whilst stirring vigorously re-melt.

Qualified Melting Solutions

Electric Frying Pan- Although this is not a “experienced” strategy if you are the “occasional” chocolatier this is a much less pricey process. An electrical fry pan will hold your chocolate at the ideal temperature when you function with it.

Skilled Tempering Device- If you need to work like the professionals then a specialist tempering machine is what you’ll need to have. I suggest one particular place out by Sephra, the leader in fondue fountains.

Candy Building Workshops

In mastering to make chocolates a candy-making workshop is your ideal bet.

They will train you all their methods and procedures, while exhibiting you the very best high quality substances.

Workshops are a lot of fun. You discover as you deal with oneself in chocolate. That sounds very heavenly to me.

1 of the most effective items about workshops is your possibility to jump in with both of those hands. At a good workshop you will be chopping, melting and dipping your way to pure chocolate indulgence.

Quite a few spots will not give these workshops so stop by us at and view our how to movies on all the things from chocolate protected pretzels to Halloween ghost cookies. The great portion of seeing Jeannie at is that you can lick the spoon and your fingers!

Resources of the trade –

The equipment listed beneath are types that have made our existence easier. They are resources that we use on a weekly if not daily foundation.

Cocoa Latte- This machine is a should have for those cold winter season mornings. I flip this on very first issue in the early morning as I am getting prepared for do the job, and it really is perfection. The point I adore about the Cocoa Latte is it retains the drinks at the best temperature.

This device by Back to Basic principles provides the café working experience correct to you in your residence. It whips, mixes and immediately heats your immediate cocoa into frothy cafe-model beverages.

Vita Combine Blender- Vita Blend is notorious for overall health and is my preferred tool.
With this blender I have designed, raw salsas, soups, sauces, and desserts. The velocity of the blades tends to make it so though you might be serving a uncooked tortilla soup, it will be steaming very hot, tasty and entirely wholesome!

Sephra Fondue Fountains- Sephra has perfected the household and industrial chocolate fountain. With their patent pending technological know-how and extensive warranty they had been my pure selection.
I’ve utilized many other fountains and the Sephra fountain is by far the least complicated to assemble, disassemble and clean. It tends to make obtaining a chocolate occasion a breeze!

Fondue Pot- Fondue has its origins in the French speaking areas of the Swiss Alps and has been all-around for generations.

My favourite preference for a fondue pot is an electric powered pot. These pots lend on their own to any type of fondue. You can boil oil or just hold a dessert fondue warm. I enjoy the flexibility identified with this pot.


Absolutely everyone has his or her preferred recipes. We are no diverse than any a single else.

It really is simple to make any chocolate recipe a bit healthier just by introducing in chocolate.

You can also use uncooked organic and natural cocoa as properly as raw nibs as a topping.

We love cooking at chocoliciousCooking and right here are a handful of of our favorite recipes:


There is practically nothing like providing chocolate as a present to show that particular anyone just how considerably you enjoy them. Each individual type of present has it’s personal individuality of sorts.

Handmade Chocolates- The “cherished reward” I contact it this simply because hand dipping is turning out to be a misplaced artwork. So you know if you obtain this kind of reward that they cherish you enough to give you the incredibly greatest

Dark chocolate present basket- The “thoughtfully loving” gift. I use the expression thoughtful for the reason that if it really is dim chocolate they certainly treatment about your health and the darker the much better.

Dipped Strawberries- The “pretty” reward. You should not you imagine there is one thing really alluring about deep crimson strawberries and chocolate?

I are not able to think of everything that would make me swoon much more than this alluring reward.

Pretzels- The “enjoyment” present. This mix of salty sweet goodness can make them entertaining to make and pleasurable to consume. Then if you want the enjoyment present to turn out to be a individual celebration just disguise a very little caramel inside of.


Lets encounter it at any time there is chocolate it is a party!

And there seriously is no limit to the fun bash thoughts that you could heart about chocolate. From a Childs birthday occasion, Teenager Halloween party, Chocolate tasting social gathering, or a formal chocolate celebration — there actually is no restrict to the fun that could be had.

In particular with a fondue pot or fountain, the get together can take on a various experience. I experience like it would make a official get together far more of a “drinking water cooler” style of sensation. And it presents a causal celebration far more magnificence.

As they stand all-around dipping fruits, breads and candies in the in no way-ending flow of chocolate, you not only are stuffed bodily but appreciate the social interaction that arrives the natural way from the knowledge.

Chocolate is not optional, it really is a necessity!

It truly is balanced

It not only can make you come to feel very good, it also would make you smile!

The most effective reward anyone can ever obtain!

No matter how relaxed or classy the affair, it all of a sudden gets a occasion!

For highest impact it must be eaten and shared daily!