November 28, 2023

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Chocolate Tycoon iPhone Game Review

A fantastically elaborated variation of the Provide, Cook dinner and Accumulate style of games. Diner Dash lovers will unquestionably adore Chocolate Tycoon.

The Tale

Cocoteenie, an newbie chocolate chef embarks on a quest to help save Choco Choco village from the tyrannical King Choco. By enhancing her abilities and machines one tiny step at a time, Cocoteenie ideas to inevitably create a masterpiece that will water the pretty mouth of King Choco and convince him to abandon his evil ways!

Match Engage in

Gameplay in Chocolate Tycoon is separated into 2 sections, Working day and Evening. In the course of the day, your chocolate shop opens for company and you are taken to a mini motion sport exactly where you make and market your candies.

To the appropriate of the screen is a box divided into nine lesser squares. In each individual, a random ingredient, Cocoa, Milk or Darkish chocolate spawns. Tapping on just about every component adds it into your mixing bowl which you use to make your sweets. Dependent on factors of the combination, possibly White, Milk or Darkish chocolates will be developed.

Every single sort of chocolate has a special mix that after achieved, will develop greater high-quality chocolates of gold. These are then all set to be marketed to prospects who surface in your shop. Prompt services to a buyer will boost possibilities for a variety of item drops like ‘Time limit’ raise, ‘Customer patience’ modifier or even little provides which you can open for a mystery gift!

More products are out there for buy working with the cash that will be awarded to you after each amount ends.You will also want to purchase elements for working your company as well as pay taxes at the close of every month.

When evening will come, you get to do advertising and marketing, shopper provider, master new recipes and make investments to further increase revenue and the excellent of your chocolates. This adds a fantastic edge to the RPG portion of the video game as you get to interact with a lot of people of the village. A customer list which lists a character’s likes and dislikes as properly as his/her friendship power with you is also offered.

A distinctive aspect of this recreation is planning your possess chocolate. Not just incorporating bits and parts of fruit or nut to your chocolate, which is also offered, but truly drawing traces, producing particular designs and personalizing your quite personal design and style. I individually find this definitely great.

Following creating or getting prepared-designed layouts, you can will need to discover to make them. The discovering system in this activity is in reality, one more mini-recreation the place you tilt your cellular phone in variation instructions that your ‘Choki’ (much more on Choki below) desires to go. Completing the route inside of the specified time limit successfully commits this style to memory. Applying a distinct recipe for a duration of time raises your talent in generating it as indicted by the stage of the recipe.

Keep in mind the 3 little creatures below your boxes through Shop hours that swallow your components to product sweets? All those are Chokies and they hatch from eggs that you acquire as presents or from mating Chokies.

There are quite a few high quality of eggs like the typical rotten eggs to scarce golden eggs and even rarer special eggs. Each individual egg has a length on it indicating the time it usually takes to hatch into a Choki. Chokies have crucial talents that will aid you in your activity and normally, the rarer a Choki is, the much better the capacity it has. Chokies can also acquire practical experience and ranges which awards quite a few advantages like growing the speeds at which it makes candies.

It is certainly impressive how thorough this video game is with this a lot of avenues to check out and nurture.


Chocolate Tycoon is crafted with an cute atmosphere and characters that are almost impossible to dislike. Its cartoon art is visually pleasing and matches its genre exceeding well. What I particularly loved about it was how the 2D properties and people were being revealed as standing cardboard pieces that were being left in different rows to give a perception of 3D to the player.

Recreation interface and Consumer-friendliness

Chocolate Tycoon makes use of a thoroughly clean and straightforward interface which is genuinely straightforward to use. Tapping on an icon after lights it up and presents it a title whilst double tapping it executes the command. Exhibiting the name of an icon with out truly obtaining to faucet it to start with could be an advancement but there really isn’t really anything at all else I minded about it.


There are only 2 soundtracks as much as I could convey to but they had been superbly crafted to accommodate the game’s concept and the enormous assortment of seem results experienced a fairly excellent impact on the game in my viewpoint.


Chocolate Tycoon adds great amounts of content and gameplay to the usual serve, cook dinner and acquire action genre. When this is a obligatory addition for a Diner Sprint lover, it is also a fantastic place to start for players who have by no means tried out a hand in this genre.