December 6, 2023

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The Real Aztec Indian Foods That Have Been Sold As Mexican Dishes Over The Decades

Seriously! I’ve lived my lifestyle always underneath the imagined that Tacos were being a spanish meals that was brought above to mexico from spain or made in mexico afterward. Yeah!, actuality just strike me when I discovered out Tacos had been an “Aztec Indian (Nahuati)” food stuff and the spanish had been staying supplied phony credit by culture for inventing this and other food items styles.


The taco predates the arrival of the Spanish in Mexico. There is anthropological evidence that the indigenous individuals residing in the lake region of the Valley of Mexico historically ate tacos loaded with modest fish. Writings at the time of the Spanish conquistadors, Bernal Díaz del Castillo documented the initial taco feast loved by Europeans, a food which Hernán Cortés organized for his captains in Coyoacán.

I know what the indians in the now U.S. have been having in the past which was some early forms of the now chili meal, buffalo, nuts and cake patties so myself and quite a few others have usually been underneath the impact that the “Mesoamerica” indians ate essentially the exact same kinds of foods. The twist happened all through time and in actuality the spanish ate pigs, chickens, nuts, veggies, cake patties and the “Mesoamerica” indians produced all the fantastic food foods that the mexicans are proclaiming as their own.

The genuine spelling of “Taco” is “Tlahco”. “Tlahco” is the “Aztec” spelling of this meal translated into the english language. The “Mesoamerica Indians” are said to have created a lot of of these now so called mexican dishes. Around the many years the real truths have been lost as lots of people in no way analysis the origins of many things. I identified this information and facts in “Wikipedia” in which no person has read through maybe mainly because it is to hurtful to wander into a mexican restaurant being aware of the spanish killed off most of the “Aztec Nation” and stole their foodstuff recipes.

French Fries are credited to the French, chinese meals are credited to the chinese, Pizza, Lasagna and Spaghetti are credited to the Italians, Hamburgers and Hot Canine are United States credited so why are the “Mesoamerica” indians not provided credit history for the meals they made? In the United States all foods of foreign origin are credited to the peoples who made them but not in the situation of the “Mesoamerica” indian.

Is the rationale no credit history is presented to the “Mesoamerica” Indians for the meals they developed brought on by the human sacrifices they did? Well, the spanish that brought the “Mesoamerica” indians to their extinction produced regulations that despatched hundreds of innocent hispanics to their fatalities. What is actually the distinction among laws that are created with NO common feeling by the hispanics to manage populations with the risk of loss of life by govt executions 400 years ago and the general public executions carried out by “Mesoamerica” indians that ended up said to be human sacrifices to maintain the purchase in their huge culture?

The “Mesoamerica” indians did do human sacrifices on captured troopers of enemy armies only and manufactured these human sacrifices a delicacy foodstuff supply for the households of the troopers who captured the enemy. The “Mesoamerica” indians did not do human sacrifices out of their own populations, just captured soldiers from battles ended up sacrificed.

Back again in those people days when civilizations were initial forming law and order was severe. It truly is been explained and the background is factual about the human sacrifices of captured soldiers that were being a custom of the “Aztec”, “Mayan” and “Inca” indians. Really I am wanting to know now is the “Mesoamerica” indian civilization predates Egypt’s civilization? The indians did without a doubt have structured society’s of regulation and purchase but have never ever been regarded as to be civilized. My first guess about this is any individual who operates half naked by way of the forests are unable to be civilized.

The “Aztec” indian procedure of regulation and buy in actuality was demise penalties for horrendous crimes as we in modern modern society execute people today for. The “Mesoamerica” societies it seems were being religious societies of the indian cultures that punished felony activity as we do now. The details I have obtained so much states the human sacrifices were being not aspect of a legislation and purchase act but in its place a spiritual ritual pointed at captured soldiers of rival indian armies. A lot of spanish troopers were being most possible sacrificed and eaten just after they were captured by the indian households that captured them.

The “Aztec” and “Mayan” indians did have a judicial method like the one particular we have currently. Loss of life penalties have been carried out in the “Aztec” empire by an appointed executioner. The “Aztec” courts could put a man or woman to loss of life for “Perjury”. The United States held general public hangings for decades for main crimes. The “Aztec” indians would inflict the dying penalty for a lot of crimes we deem right now as being insignificant. Down below is a list of crimes and means the loss of life penalty could be carried out and every single time I study it I consider of the “Middle Ages In Europe”, not to substantially distinction amongst the “Aztec” and “European” societies back then.

Down below Is A Copy/Paste From The Texas Tarlton Law Library

Quite a few offenses had been punishable by death, which includes murder, perjury, rape, abortion, highway theft, moving boundary markers, really serious defamation of character, destruction of crops, marketing stolen residence, excess weight and evaluate fraud, witchcraft, incest, official graft, pederasty, inciting a public disturbance, sedition, treason, desertion or insubordination by troopers, use of the emperor’s insignia, and severe judicial misconduct. Funds punishment could be carried out by means of hanging, drowning, stoning, strangulation, beheading, beating, disembowelment, burning, quartering, and opening the upper body to eliminate the perpetrator’s heart. It was attainable for victims or families of victims to intervene in the execution of a sentence. If they selected to forgive the perpetrator, his death sentence was taken out and he would become a slave of the victim’s family members.

The spanish did make children with the enslaved “Aztec” females they made use of as janitors. When the spanish arrived in present day mexico city they had very good social associations with the “Aztecs” right before enslaving and murdering them. The “Mesoamerica Indian Nations” people today have been fantastic only for “Cost-free Labor”. The “Mesoamerica” indians could not contend with the then fashionable spanish instruments of war so they ended up conveniently conquered.

Lots of mexicans in modern culture try out to detect them selves with the “Aztecs” utilizing “Aztec” symbolism but which is as phony as anyone can get. There are some pure bread “Aztecs” nonetheless residing in southern mexico but they are several now.

The “Enchilada” is also an “Aztec” meal and was found at the exact same time the “Aztec Tlahco” was found. The “Aztec” identify for the now “Enchilada” was “Chillapitzalli”. Even the term “Chili” is of “Aztec Indian” origins.

The phrase “Chili” arrives from the “Aztec” origins but it’s said that the genuine dish of “Chili” was created by the United States “Pueblo Indians” but in a distinctive recipe. Present-day contemporary food of Chili was created in the “San Antonio” location of southern Texas by U.S. Citizen “Tejana females” someplace close to 1850. Texas grew to become a point out of the United States in 1845 so the food of “Chile” is in truth a, “U.S. Made Food”.

The “Burrito” may well have been an early Mesoamerica” origin spinoff of a food ready by the “Aztec” indians who employed a corn tortilla. It seems that the “Burrito” may possibly have been a food designed out of the pre-hispanic domination of mexico but put in the freshly produced mexican “Flour Tortilla”. The “Flour Tortilla” was certainly designed by mexican nationals in the 1800’s.

It now appears that most of these common so referred to as, “mexican foodstuff” have their origins rooted in the pre hispanic indian populations of mexico, central and south the us. The “Flour Tortilla” was a mexican generation but the “Burrito” is just a spinoff of an “Aztec” food made with “Corn Tortilla’s (Masa)”.

The “Aztec”, “Inca” and “Maya” indian populations had been the dominate populations of the americas central and south countless numbers on 1000’s (10,000) of several years in advance of the spanish arrived. These indians created some wonderful foods that reside on in today’s societies but the indians are not given credit score for them. The spanish killed off these indigenous populations and then let history exhibit these scrumptious indian meals had been spanish which is a terrible falsehood.

All the study I have completed demonstrates that people are providing the mexican population credit for “Mesoamerica” indian foodstuff dishes and this is a terrible falsehood. I even looked up “Aztec” foods and the search final results confirmed so called “Aztec” impressed dining places were being associating their meals with the mexican tradition. The so named genuine mexican eating places are just plainly promotion their “Aztec” foods as mexican.

The “Taquito” which is just a rolled taco without the need of the veggie’s has it is origins in, “Los Angeles California”. “Taquito’s” had been created on “Olvera Avenue” in spanish “Los Angeles”. Another name for “Taquito” is “Flauta”. Both of those are the same.

I’m on the lookout at the origins of the most well-liked mexican dishes and I am viewing several had been not produced by mexican nationals in mexico but alternatively by the “Aztec” indians just before the spanish arrived and slaughtered them. Most meals ended up established by the “Aztec” indians and a several ended up designed inside of the United States and Europe. The trouble with defining who created what implies sorting out which foods were designed right before the spanish invaded what is now recognized as mexico. Just mainly because the spanish invaded the “Aztec, Inca and Mayan” empires doesn’t mean they personal the rights of credit score for food the indians made.

When I glimpse for in which these meals originated I seem for the initial mention of in which the dish was if there is no clear proof. Quite a few of the meals mentioned below originated from the “Aztec” Indians and went by means of development in excess of the decades by folks all over the world. Many of the several recognised mexican meals are just spinoffs of old “Aztec” Indian meals. When the spanish arrived in what is now recognized as mexico they ate the meals well known in Europe at that time and experienced definitely practically nothing to do with generating these delicious foods they are being provided credit rating for.

Foods with a obvious origin to the “Aztec Indians”:

Beans – “Aztec”. Beans have been cultivated lengthy prior to the appearance of the spanish. The mexicans get credit rating for refried beans but not for building any sort of bean. Distinct Evidence

Masa – “Aztec”. The dough that is used to make corn tortillas and tamales. Very clear Evidence

Chili Peppers – “Aztec” Even while the generation of “Chili Relleno” is mexican the chili pepper itself is clearly an “Aztec” food stuff created prolonged in advance of the spanish arrived on the now mexican peninsula.

Corn Tortillas (Masa) – “Aztec” indians origins Very clear Evidence

Tlahco (Taco) – “Aztec” Origin. Very clear Proof

Chillapitzalli (Enchilada) – “Aztec” Origin Obvious Evidence

Tostada – “Mesoamerica” 2000 years ago which ended up the places the place the Aztecs, Mayan and Inca indians lived extensive in advance of the spanish invaded and killed off the indian populations individuals locations. Very clear Evidence

Ahuacamolli (Guacamole) – “Aztec” Origin Obvious Proof

Tamai (Tamale) – “Aztec” Indian Origin, 8000 to 5000 BC. Pictorial evidence was identified. Crystal clear Evidence

Molli Sauce (Mole) – I have to say all over again, “Aztec” only mainly because the name will come from the “Aztec Nahuati” phrase, “Molli”. Quite a few mexicans claim to have created this sauce but the origin has to go to the “Aztec” indians due to the fact of the title. Distinct Evidence

Chilpoctli (Chipotle) – This is an “Aztec” Mesoamerica foodstuff produced by the “Aztec” indians prolonged right before the spanish arrived in mexico. Obvious Evidence

Chilaquiliti (Chilaquiles) – “Aztec”, the title of this dish comes from the “Aztec” language so the origin of this meal was an additional that was taken from the “Aztec” indians and made to appear as an authentic mexican dish. Crystal clear Proof

Pozole (Posole) – “Aztec” This is a mesoamerica indian meal manufactured from hominy. On exclusive occasions soon after a human sacrifice was accomplished the meat extra to this food would be the meat of the sacrificed captured soldier. Distinct Proof

Tomalito – “Aztec” The tomalito was all over long ahead of the mesoamerica indians but it was the mesoamerica indians who formulated this into the green sauce it is right now.

Pellizcadas – “Aztec”, Crystal clear Evidence. This food seems by sight to be a spinoff of the Chalupa and called “Spopes” in mexico.

Foods Originating From The United States:

Numerous of these so known as mexican meals originated from the “Pueble Indians” within just the then border of the United States.

Chilli (Chili) – The term is of Aztec Origin but the meal was developed by the U.S. “Pueblo” indians who had been farmers and grew beans. Later in time U.S. Citizen Tejana girls of hispanic heritage in 1850’s out of San Antonio Texas produced their recipe of this indian food that is well known now. The variance among the indian recipe and the Tejana women recipe is the sauce. Popular Mention

Chivichanga (Chimichanga) – Tucson, Arizona United States. Quite a few folks claim to have been the creators of this dish but the very first widespread mention of it arrived out of the United States. Widespread Point out

Chili Verde – United States, New Mexico “Pueblo Indians”. You will obtain lots of persons stating this food is from Northern mexico but this is fake. Chili Verde originated in the United States then migrated to Northern mexico under the name of, “Cerdo Con Verdolagas”. If you buy “Chili Verde” in mexico you will get a plate of basic green chili’s. The mexican variation of “Chili Verde” is different than the “Pueblo Indian” version.

The “Tomalito” which is used to make the green sauce originated in South America and was a foodstuff staple of the “mesoamerica” indians whom are the “Aztec”, “Mayan” and “Inca” Indians. The “tomalito” was developed in the southern pieces of the United States by the “Pueblo” indians who ended up farmers but are now mostly imported from mexico. Popular Mention


Chile Verde is a dish from New Mexico. Its just pork/mutton/beef cooked with cumin, oregano, beer, and bay leaves, and a couple cups of chopped roasted peeled NM inexperienced chiles. Paired with frybread, as it is in pueblo communities, its wonderful.

Jalapeno Poppers – United States – Jalapeno poppers are a spinoff of the mexican chili relleno dish developed in the United States. They very first started to look in the early 1980’s dining places and at some point migrated to the United States meals companies as a frozen meals product.

Some mexicans I browse always say “Jalapeno Poppers” along with many other dishes created by the “Aztec” indians are of mexican development but these claims are completely false and only advised as lies to elevate the mexican society. The actuality is the hispanics right before they killed all the mesoamerican indians consumed pork, chickens and beef like all the other European nations did.

Meals with a direct origin in mexico:

Most meals listed here labeled as “Reliable Mexican” originated in the “Aztec Indian” empire generations right before the spanish arrived and produced the state of mexico. All these foods shown below with mexican origins are in actuality spinoffs of “Aztec” meals.

Flour Tortillas – Mexico, a spinoff of the corn tortilla made from flour. Apparent Proof

Burrito – Mexico, The origin of the burrito is mexico considering that the earliest acknowledged mention of the burrito is in 1895 by a mexican dictionary. Apparent Proof

Chalupa – Mexico. Modeled just after the “Aztec” food identified as Tostada but significantly scaled-down with a shallow cup. These are served with meat while the Tostada is largely a vegetable only dish but numerous recipes call for meat. Clear Evidence

Chile Relleno – Mexico. Obvious Evidence. The chili pepper by itself that is stuffed is an “Aztec” indian food items that was applied very long right before the spanish arrived on the now mexican peninsula.

Quesadilla – Mexico. Apparent Evidence. A “Quesadilla” is almost nothing but an “Aztec” tlahco with out the meat on a flour tortilla. The Quesadilla is a vegetarian meal.

Refried Beans – Mexico, Widespread Point out in 1911, beans them selves ended up a staple of the Aztec Indian foods long prior to mexicans refried them.

Carnitas – Mexico, Clear Evidence. Carnitas are just “Aztec” tlahco’s with pork. The “Aztecs” did not have pork so when the spanish completed slaughtering the “Aztecs” they introduced pork to the “Aztec” land and place it in a tlahco and named it Carnitas.

Huevos Rancheros – Mexico, Very clear Evidence

Nachos – Mexico, Very clear Evidence. Thought of “Tex Mex” mainly because they have been produced on the Texas border in Mexico. Some U.S. Citizens crossed into mexico to bash and went into a restaurant ahead of it shut and the restaurant did not have to substantially to offer you at that time of night mainly because they ended up cleaning up so a chef chopped up some corn tortilla’s, deep fried them and topped them with a cheese sauce for the two U.S. Citizens.

Meals Originating From European Places:

Torta – European origins. This food has its origins in Europe but which European place 1st produced it is unknown. Distinct Evidence

Chorizo – Has roots back to the Roman Empire.

Sopaipilla – Muslim center east. Very clear Evidence

Empanar (Empanada) – The first origins of this meal are from Terrific Britain, Samosa, Asia and Russia. Obvious Evidence

Other Meal Origins:

Churro (Youtiao) – China from the chinese foods “Youtiao”. Distinct Proof

Salsa – Mysterious, said to have originated from the “Hispanophone” planet which is all nations around the world that communicate spanish. Clear Proof

Carne Asado – Unfamiliar, it really is mentioned even in Wikipedia this style of meat originated in mexico but it truly is just a slender lower flank steak marinated and then charred on a grill. “Carne Asado” interprets into “Grilled Meat”. Sure, the title for this type of grilled meat belongs to mexico but a more direct pointer desires to be uncovered to say this type of grilled meat originated in mexico. Grilling meat and barbecuing all meats in all kinds of marinades and sauces is a worldwide cooking process earlier and present in particular in the United States where barbecuing is a traditional way of existence. I can’t place this just one in the “mexico” column or anywhere else.

Okay, the United States communist democrat occasion is campaigning on the destruction of the United States indigenous indian persons by white men and women but the U.S. democrat occasion entirely supports the hispanic folks who slaughtered the “Aztec”, “Mayan” and “Inca” mesoamerica indigenous indians who produced the several meals the now mexican persons are falsely professing credit for bringing into existence.

The “Aztec”, “Mayan” and “Inca” indians populated mexico, central and south america for 8 to 10 thousand years in advance of the spanish arrived. To say these indian populations did not build recipes that were tasty and lived on by endless time is just an abomination and racial injustice. It’s the mesoamerica indian populations that produced these excellent meals the spanish are having credit rating for just after wiping the mesoamerica indians off the face of the earth

The “Aztec”, “Mayan” and “Inca” indians made most of these pretty delightful meals more than the 10,000 decades of their empires. When the spanish landed in mexico metropolis they built these foodstuff produced by the mesoamerica indians as their new recognized meals. About the many years and in present day modern society some people previously know this but most do not with the magnitude of mexican places to eat around peddling bogus facts about these foods becoming genuine mexican recipes. As tens of millions of uneducated hispanics flood more than the U.S. southern border illegally they provide with them the believed that these meals are of their development when in truth and real truth they are not.

In ending I am not out to trash the mexican persons as a entire but only striving to dispel the cultural fantasy constructed in the United States that elevates hispanics for the reason that of the lots of delightful foods falsely credited to them. The legitimate facts are most of the foods claimed to be of mexican origin are not and ended up taken from the indian peoples that were being in the mexican, central and south american areas 8,000 to 10,000 years in advance of the spanish arrived and eliminated the indigenous indians into extinction.